All About Body Shapes: V Body Shape

v body shape

The V body shape is like a swimmer’s body shape. — B Styled for Life- Living with Sass and Style Over 50

V Body ShapeShoulders are broader than hips. You’ve got a tapered torso, a smaller waist, and great legs.

Secret Tips for V Body Shape

Add volume to your lower half. Do not create more volume  on your top half

Light Colours and Prints

Draw attention to the lower half of the body. Use light colours and prints below the belt. Light colours advance an darker colours are receding.

What to Wear for V Body Shape

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  • Satin Halterneck Twist Wide Leg Jumpsuit creates  perfect balance.

V Body Shape

  • A fashionable elastic waist flared skirt would be great for V Body Shape. Flared skirts add volume to the lower part of the body. This dewdrop design is the feature of the skirt with its stunning floral design.

V Body Shape

  • The A-Line Dress looks good on a V shape. This casual vintage has green or blue floral print. Attention is drawn to the skirt. More detail and focal areas  are  below the waist.

  • Patch Pocket Trousers add detail. Buttons add focus.

V Body Shape

Shoulders should be free from detail or decoration. Plain tops are best.

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V Body Shape

Avoid wearing thin straps as they will make your shoulders look broader. ‒ Moana Robinson, B Styled for Life- Living with Sass and Style Over 50

Some outfits may look imbalanced on your body shape. Find out what experts may tell us to avoid for V Body Shape.

What Not to Wear for V Body Shape

  • Thin straps emphasize the widest part of your upper body. Showing off this part may not be necessary.

V Body Shape

  • Epaulettes and Paddings make your shoulders look broader. They make the upper part wider than it is.

  • Peaked lapels may not soften the shoulders. Low lapel works.

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Finding tricks to create flattering body shape is the key to style. — Stacy London

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V Body Shape and All About Body Shapes


  • X Body Shape. The X shape is so feminine and curvy, often with a large bust, slim waist, and curvy hips.

X Body Shape

  • H Body Shape. The Rectangle Body Shape has less waist definition.

H Body Shape

  • A Body Shape. It is also called Pear Body Shape. Shoulders are narrow. Hips are wider.

A body shape

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