know your style personality

Do You Know Your Style Personality?

Do You Know Your Style Personality? The best way to look like yourself when you get dressed is to know your style personality. Even if you have someone you’d like to model yourself on, you are the best and most…
classic style personality

Classic Style Personality

Wearing the latest fad or trend is not something a woman with a Classic Style personality worries about. She may purchase one or two items which are the latest fashion and team it with her staple garments.

Public Speaking Tips | What to Wear

Top Tips for Public Speaking and What to Wear Moana RobinsonI was recently given an amazing public speaking opportunity to give a TED Talk. It was one of those moments when I decided to just say “yes”. I felt the…

Hair Colour - Is Yours Light or Dark?

Hair Colour Determines your Overall Value One of the first steps in a colour consultation is determining whether someone has light or dark hair. This is called the "value".  If you think of a black and white photograph each colour…

Get Your Exercise “Mojo” With Colour

Colour Can Play an Important Part in Motivation The New Year means a fresh start and inspiration to start exercising.  How do you keep and maintain that exercise “Mojo” down the track?   Different Colour for Different Exercise Modalities Yoga is…
Woman smelling perfume on her wrist

Perfume is a Personal Choice

Perfume as Part of Your Signature Brand Some of us who love perfume do have a signature scent. They like to wear to this reflect their personality and can it even become part of their own personal brand.    "Perfume is…
Redhead girl showing how to keep cool

Keep Cool This Summer with these Red Hot Tips

Keep cool and fresh this summer with the following tips:(1) Wear natural fibres, (2) Wear loose fitting clothes (3) Simple designs and light-weight accessories are best (4) Steer clear of anything made from synthetic fibres such as polyester. These materials trap perspiration

Woman holding heart shaped balloons

How Do Core Needs Affect What you Wear?

The more a person gets to know and understand themselves  and their core needs the more they will feel that they have direction and fulfilment in life. Learning what is important and what is not so important means that we can make better personal choices.