All About Body Shapes: O Body Shape

o body shape

The Beautiful O body shape. Your best features are that you look feminine and soft. — Moana Robinson, B Styled for Life Living with Sass and Style Over 50

O Body ShapeO Body Shape is beautiful. Look confident and great! Do not cover the body. Show off your neckline, forearms and your great legs.

Goal for O Body Shape

The size of your body can be your asset. Add structure to your body. Make the top part attractive.

Seductive Looks for O Body Shape

Longer tops balance the body shape. The fabric should not cling to the skin. Keep everything looking feminine and fresh.

Shopping improves mental acuity. — Mina King,

Floral or geometrical prints look great for the O silhouette. Irregular patterns make the body slimmer.

What to Wear

  • A Caftan Top is going to be perfect. This long top has an asymmetrical hemline. Patterns which are irregular are most flattering.

  • A Long Line Blazer makes you look slim. The colours available are black and taupe. The blazer has hidden side pockets.

O Body Shape

  • Jour Almond Pointed Toe Wedge is a versatile shoe to wear with many outfits. Wedge shoes are comfortable to wear. By wearing shoes which are similar colour to your dress or trousers your legs will look longer. Show off your legs and enjoy some gorgeous shoes.

If you love any of these items and they have sold out, contact Moana by leaving a message below. Moana provides a service to find garments for you depending on your Body Shape and Style Personality. However, if you have a special event Moana can put together some suggestions for you.

O Body Shape

Dresses with ruching or gathering hide your tummy and create an hourglass fit. — Moana Robinson, B Styled for Life Living with Sass and Style Over 50

Avoid wearing a dress that shows the waists. Hidden pockets would be great.

What Not to Wear for O Body Shape

  • Pockets add bulk onto the body. The goal is to create a slim vertical look for  your body shape.

O Body Shape

  • A single-breasted suit or jacket is better than double-breasted styles. Choose garments that have a slimming effect.

O Body Shape

  • Wearing fitted clothes may cause discomfort. Fabrics with a bit of weight and substance will be best for your garments. Heavy cotton creates a more structured look.

O Body Shape

Find the most suitable clothes for your body shape. You may book at B Styled for Life  for an obligation free chat.  Reach to Moana through this link.

Finding tricks to create flattering body shape is the key to style. — Stacy London

The perfect clothing comes with your silhouette. B Styled for Life presents more blogs for different Body Shapes.

All About Body Shapes


  • A Body Shape. It is also called Pear Body Shape. Shoulders are narrow. Hips are wider.

A body shape

  • The V body shape is like a swimmer’s body shape. Shoulders are broader than hips.

v body shape

  • The I body shape is the model’s body shape. Some experts may call this a Thin Rectangular Body Shape.

i body shape

Tips and other Body Shapes are discussed in our online courses and B Styled for Life- Living with Sass and Style. For help, you may book here or inform us below.

Know your Style Personality

Awareness of your Style Personality guides you to your path of happiness. Above all, you can simplify your choices to achieve the best version of yourself. The way you put your outfit  together is the best way to show your personality on the outside. It affects the way that you feel. So, here are some other types of personality that you can learn about:

Feminine Style Personality

Rebellious Style Personality

Relaxed Style Personality

Furthermore, you will come across other Style Personalities. Anyone may have two or more Style Personalities. In fact, a Dramatic personality style may also possess  Elegant and Classic elements in their style.

Now is the Right Time

What is your Style Personality quiz saves you time to discover or confirm your natural fashion style. As a result, you will enjoy every aspect of your image and personal styling. During the session, you will always feel comfortable in what you are wearing if you dress according to your own style.

what is your style type

If we feel good, we look good, and if we look, good we feel good.

Being the best you can be for your age is the healthy way to be. Look congruent with yourself! Get more benefits.

Achieve your Best Version

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Image of Steps and shoe 

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