What To Do When Stores Don’t Sell Your Colours

What To Do When Stores Don’T Sell Your Colours

The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you. — Coco Chanel

What to do when stores don't sell your colours? If stores are not selling garments and accessories in your desired colour palette, you may want to consider the following options: 

1. Look for alternative retailers. Try searching for stores that specialise in the colours you prefer. You may find more options online or in specialty shops. For example some stores specialise in brighter, bold colours such as Gorman. You will find more muted soft or natural colours in surf shops such as City Beach. Light, bright and feminine colours in stores like Mombassa Rose

These stores are just a few examples and once you look around at different stores and brands you will see that many do have their own standard colour lines. Take a look at Tommy Hilfiger for example mainly carrying neutrals and primary colours

2. Consider customising your own colour ensemble. If you can't find the colours you want in stores, consider customising outfits by adding layers in your colours. Jackets and outer layers can be your colours with another colour underneath to complement the outer layer. Pre-Loved clothing stores are a great way to do this as you can often find an item in your colours to mix and match. It is an inexpensive way to experiment with this, See the article here on pre-loved shopping. 

3. Create your own unique style and colour combinations. If you have the skills and resources, you can make your own garments in the colours you want. This can be a fun and creative project, and it allows you to have complete control over the colour palette. If you don't sew try taking your favourite styles to a dressmaker to copy in your colours. They will advise how much fabric is required. If it is for a special occasion or big event fabric stores like Fabric Collection have a huge array of material. You may be surprised at how cost effective it is to have something made especially for you.

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Be Creative

4. Start a trend. If you can't find garments in the colours you want, why not be creative and start a trend? Share your ideas and enthusiasm for your personal colours with others. The retail stores follow fashion and trends which start with companies like Pantone announcing the latest colours for the year and colours or for the new season. This can take a while to filter out to the stores as the designers have to create the new styles for the fashion runways and then the wholesalers sell to the stores. This is all the more reason why it is better to know your own personal colour palette and base your wardrobe around this. Moana can advise you on colour and style and show you how to use your personal colour swatch to choose clothing.

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5. Be patient. Colour trends change over time, and it may simply be that your desired colour palette is not popular at the moment. Be patient and keep an eye out for new products in the colours you want. You will have your favourites from your colour swatch if you have had your colours done and they may or may not be your signature colours. If you do have signature colours or favourites which you wear a lot then when the stores stock your colours you are ahead of the game!

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